Times have changed, Ferrowatt’s vintage light bulbs have not!

History Synopsis

Ferrowatt was founded in late 19th century Vienna, Austria under the name “Watt AG”. The light bulb manufacturing company prospered into the 1930’s rivaling such large manufacturers as OSRAM and Philips.

In the early 1990’s (After the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe) Bob Rosenzweig visited the Czech Republic where he discovered the commemorative postage stamp to Ferrowatt Lamps. The actual building in the postage stamp was still standing (it was used as a Socialist book repository throughout the Communist period). Since then and with great success, AAMSCO Lighting has been working to re-establish the Ferrowatt brand through reproduction light bulbs and vintage light fixtures.

Ferrowatt Postage Stamp

Ferrowatt Postage Stamp circa 1910 Czech Republic

Ferrowatt Poster Girl